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Do you know what the tape used to connect the water pipe is called?

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The tape used when connecting the water pipe is called waterproof tape, also known as raw tape. Teflon raw material tape is used to seal the water-wrapped pipe, referred to as "raw material tape".

The "raw belt" uses expanded polytetrafluoroethylene resin, has a network-like expanded structure composed of fine long fibers and knots, and has the characteristics of good toughness, high longitudinal strength, and easy deformation in the lateral direction.

It is an ideal material for packing and thread sealing. There is no "glue" on the raw material tape, so it should not be called "raw tape". This can easily be confused with the tape used for sealing boxes, the tape used by electricians, and the "single (double) side tape" in stationery.

"Raw material belt" not only has good toughness, but also has a relatively wide range of applications.