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How to use raw material belt

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Er! We all know how to use the belt. It's just a few circles. If you think like this, there is nothing wrong with it. After all, you are a great master. But there are some ways to teach others how to use the raw material belt on the Internet. Wang Zai is rather stupid and he doesn't know how to use it. So he specially sorted it out and asked the masters to check it out to see if he could use the raw material belt in this way

How to wrap the raw material belt

1. When applying glue, do not immerse the workpiece in the bottle. Cut off the upper part of the plastic bottle and squeeze the glue directly into the thread

2. Apply 2-3 pitches in the middle of the thread, and the circumference direction should be closed

3. It can be tightened with ordinary wrench without pipe wrench

4. In the process of construction and installation, the surface of the connecting part should be kept clean. If there are impurities such as oil, paint and varnish on the connecting surface, cotton yarn and gasoline should be used for cleaning. After the solvent volatilizes and dries, the use effect is better

5. It can be put into test and use in about 1-12 hours at room temperature

How to use the liquid raw material belt:

1. Use cotton cloth to remove grease from pipe thread and dry it.

2. Apply enough glue on the pipe thread or the part to be sealed, then assemble and stand.

3. Tighten and adjust the angle within 3 minutes after installation, and do not adjust again after curing.

4. The initial setting time at room temperature is 5-30min, and the maximum strength can be achieved after 24 hours of assembly.

5. For steel, copper, iron and other metal materials, the ambient temperature is more than 25 ℃, four hours after installation, the temperature is 15 ~ 25 ℃, 8 hours; 0 ~ 15 ℃, 16 hours.

The curing time of stainless steel, aluminum and alloy should be doubled.