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How can the belt of raw material not leak


1. When using the raw material belt, it should be noted that the normal use method can improve the effect, but if it is used incorrectly, it will reduce the functionality.

2. Generally, the raw tape needs to be wound along the direction of the thread. It is not allowed to wind all the threads with the raw tape. Once the raw tape enters the pipeline, the sealing performance will be reduced. It is the best way to start winding from the second silk tooth, leaving the first silk tooth.

3. When winding, attention should be paid to ensure that the raw material belt will not be pulled off. Only in this way can the raw material belt be more firm and tight, and the sealing performance of later use is better.

4. As for how many circles of the raw material belt, it needs to be decided according to the specific experience of the decorator. Generally, the thickness of the back half of the raw material belt is larger, that is, the thickness of the front is thinner and the back is thicker, which can ensure that the screw is more and more tight in the process of rotation and improve the sealing performance.

5. After the raw tape is wound, do not unwind the thread in the screw, otherwise it needs to be re wound and tightened.